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Good Eating Hobbits

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dark_sinestra @ 06:54 pm: Another update
Distance traveled to date: 94.9 miles (At some point during the week, I miscalculated. I thought I had done an even hundred by today.)
Distance record in one week: 20 miles in 61 minutes
Weight lost this week: 1 pound
Shields Earned to date: 3

I've left behind The Prancing Pony and the city of Bree and am now on the road running ESE skirting the Chetwood. The weather has been dodgy, lots of afternoon thunderstorms. On the plus side, that means lots of puddles to splash through.

I'm also ready to donate two pairs of jeans to Goodwill as they literally fell off me when I put them on. Yay!

Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted
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