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Good Eating Hobbits

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valarltd @ 01:31 pm: Still rolling along
You have biked 247 miles.
You have passed The Weather Hills.
It is 11 miles to the next landmark.
You have 211 miles to reach Rivendell.

In the morning they found, for the first time since they had left the Chetwood, a track plain to see. They turned right and followed it southwards. It ran cunningly, taking a line that seemed chosen so as to keep as much hidden as possible from the view, both of the hill-tops above and of the flats to the west. It dived into dells, and hugged steep banks; and where it passed over flatter and more open ground on either side of it there were lines of large boulders and hewn stones that screened the travellers almost like a hedge.


Current weight 264.4
Beginning weight 269.6

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