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Good Eating Hobbits

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marraontheroad @ 01:44 am: New year, new projects...

Greetings! Its been awhile since I posted, I know. Life took over and I forgot, but I've been having this serious blogging urge lately, which feels odd, to have a urge to blog, of all things. So here I am.

I am taking four classes this semester, going from 9-3 with a lunch break in there, MWF. So tuesday and thursday I rest. In theory. Only on Tuesday I have my babysitting in the mornings, so not resting then. And I'm sure once things get rolling I'll have an assinine amount of homework. But I won't have to drive anywhere or do anything otherwise that I know of yet, so school seems to be well scheduled thus far. In my very Hermione-ish way, I have already contradicted one teacher (Mr. C the easy on the eyes history professor)  and had him concede that I was right, and generally had to bite my tongue in other classes in order to give someone else a chance. Whee!

Most importantly though, this year I am undertaking a huge.... undertaking. I am starting the Optifast program next month.  Optifast is a meal replacement program, where you drink five of these "shakes" a day, along with copious amounts of water, and you literally piss away your fat. HOW AWESOME IS THAT???? You flush your fat down the toilet! Now, lest you think that this is some sort of scary, dangerous plan, its something that has been used and improved on since the eighties, all done under the supervision of doctors and with weekly group meetings. The best friend, Orchid, has done it with fabulous results, and I can do anything she can do. Except play the flute. And make fantastic things in origami. If Orchid can stay on this plan and make it work then so can I and I will! I'm very excited about it, and a bit nervous. But its all designed around therapy and finding out WHY you are fat, so I think its a good program for me.

Even with all this going on, I still always feel like I'm not out there in the world enough. But I don't have the energy to be, either. But I wish I could work, or volunteer more, do something to meet more new people. Ah well. Anybody else feel isolated? It sucks.

But here is to a New Year, and new opportunities!!

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