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January 27th, 2011

elektra @ 10:34 pm: introduction
Hi! I'm Elektra. I love to eat and I'm hypothyroid, so losing weight is a bear.

I've always had that extra 10 pounds hanging around, but 20ish years ago, 10 pounds became 40+ pounds in under a month when I was misdiagnosed with Pseudotumor Cerebri and put on prednisone. Then my gall bladder started giving me trouble and before I knew it I was 100 pounds overweight. Ongoing back problems haven't helped either.

I lost some of it (and gained a bit of it back). Then I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and it became clear why losing weight was so hard. My new doctor (I moved) is working with me, and with his help (and some chemical assistance) I lost 45 pounds. Then another medical thing--the gall bladder surgery from 15 years ago cropped back up--adhesions were causing intestional blockages, resulting in a bowel resection.

I am now recovered (mostly) from that surgery and I've just graduated from physical therapy. I need to lose another 40 or so. I found this group via the walk to Rivendell when I signed up. I'm planning on doing the miles via exercise bike and possibly treadmill. I'm not sure if I'm going to officially "diet" yet or just try to eat right. We'll see how it goes.

Thus ends the long-winded introduction.

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September 22nd, 2010

valarltd @ 10:12 pm: Still peddling along
You have biked 351 miles.
You have passed The Last Bridge.
It is 3 miles to the next landmark.
You have 107 miles to reach Rivendell.

They hurried along with all the speed they could make, and after a mile or two they saw the Last Bridge ahead, at the bottom of a short steep slope. They dreaded to see black figures waiting there, but they saw none. Strider made them take cover in a thicket at the side of the Road, while he went forward to explore.

I'm feeling the weight less now that I've peddled off some of my own. 36lbs burned!

August 21st, 2010

valarltd @ 09:58 pm: Still peddling
You have biked 306 miles.
You have passed South of the Road.
It is 8 miles to the next landmark.
You have 152 miles to reach Rivendell.

Not once did they feel the sense of present evil that had assailed them before the attack in the dell.

My weigh-in put me at 260, which means I have walked, biked and sweated away 36 lbs all told.

August 20th, 2010

dark_sinestra @ 06:54 pm: Another update
Distance traveled to date: 94.9 miles (At some point during the week, I miscalculated. I thought I had done an even hundred by today.)
Distance record in one week: 20 miles in 61 minutes
Weight lost this week: 1 pound
Shields Earned to date: 3

I've left behind The Prancing Pony and the city of Bree and am now on the road running ESE skirting the Chetwood. The weather has been dodgy, lots of afternoon thunderstorms. On the plus side, that means lots of puddles to splash through.

I'm also ready to donate two pairs of jeans to Goodwill as they literally fell off me when I put them on. Yay!

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August 13th, 2010

dark_sinestra @ 07:09 pm: Week to date...
Distance traveled in one week: 57.75 miles
Distance record in one week: 11.19 miles in 1/2 hour
Weight lost this week: 5 pounds
Shields Earned to date: 2

We have crossed the Brandywine Bridge, stayed at the Bridge Inn and have just come into view of The Old Forest. It looks scary!

(Can you tell I'm having fun with this? :D )

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August 9th, 2010

dark_sinestra @ 08:08 pm: Progress
I'm now just a mile and a half shy of Frogmorton. Today I really pushed myself and went a half mile more in the same amount of time as I did yesterday, making it just over 8 miles in 20 minutes. My leg is feeling good, no nerve pain, no weird twinges. As soon as I cool off enough, I'm going to go make a light dinner. This challenge is helping so much to inspire me with this exercise bike. I'm glad I found it, and as an added benefit, I'm re-reading The Hobbit as I go.

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August 7th, 2010

dark_sinestra @ 02:56 am: New Member...hello!
I just found this community via the Eowyn Challenge. I saw the group name "Good Eating Hobbits" and couldn't resist! My goals are two-fold. First, I am trying to rehab an injury that involves nerve damage in my right leg, and secondly, I'm trying to lose the weight I gained when I couldn't use the leg at all. I recently bought a stationary bike because exercising outside with the nerve damage is an iffy prospect. Here in the house, if something goes wrong, I can just hop off the bike. Stationary biking isn't exactly the most fun thing around. The Eowyn Challenge and having the chance to meet and share with you guys I think is going to make it a lot more fun!

My first journey is Bilbo's journey from Bag End to Rivendell. I biked 5.92 miles tonight, just shy of the fork in the great road. I'm looking forward to getting to know my fellow travelers and learning about your goals and journeys along the way. Thanks for having me!

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July 18th, 2010

valarltd @ 01:31 pm: Still rolling along
You have biked 247 miles.
You have passed The Weather Hills.
It is 11 miles to the next landmark.
You have 211 miles to reach Rivendell.

In the morning they found, for the first time since they had left the Chetwood, a track plain to see. They turned right and followed it southwards. It ran cunningly, taking a line that seemed chosen so as to keep as much hidden as possible from the view, both of the hill-tops above and of the flats to the west. It dived into dells, and hugged steep banks; and where it passed over flatter and more open ground on either side of it there were lines of large boulders and hewn stones that screened the travellers almost like a hedge.


Current weight 264.4
Beginning weight 269.6

July 12th, 2010

aslanscub @ 11:05 pm: new to walking
 I joined the Eowyn page a long time ago and never got it to work right on my computer, but I'm trying again.  So far since last week I've gone 24.63 miles, swimming, walking, biking, and rollerblading.  I've lost (if my scale can be believed) 5 pounds.  I'm trying to lose 20 before I go on a cruise Aug. 3.  Hopefully I can do that!

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May 11th, 2010

valarltd @ 08:20 pm: I got serious this spring
It doesn't seem to be helping. My weight keeps yoyoing in the 260s.

On the other hand, I have bicycled and walked over 150 miles. That has to count for something.

August 3rd, 2009

febobe @ 07:44 pm: Trying again to become a Skinny Hobbit.. . .
I am trying Weight Watchers again, currently making an effort to count points on my own and planning to rejoin once they get a special going soon; I was a member and had started improving when my husband had some major medical problems this winter/spring, which kind of pulled me out for a while.

Other efforts toward becoming a Skinny Hobbit: I go to Curves (a women's-only workout club) and plan to try the Y when I can manage to swing something else into my schedule.

I am infamous, I think, in the fandom for my food obsession in writing, but that's an aspect of my life that I love and don't want to change, so I'm trying to hang onto it.

Any other WW-ish or Curves Skinny Hobbits out there?


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January 19th, 2009

marraontheroad @ 01:44 am: New year, new projects...

Greetings! Its been awhile since I posted, I know. Life took over and I forgot, but I've been having this serious blogging urge lately, which feels odd, to have a urge to blog, of all things. So here I am.

I am taking four classes this semester, going from 9-3 with a lunch break in there, MWF. So tuesday and thursday I rest. In theory. Only on Tuesday I have my babysitting in the mornings, so not resting then. And I'm sure once things get rolling I'll have an assinine amount of homework. But I won't have to drive anywhere or do anything otherwise that I know of yet, so school seems to be well scheduled thus far. In my very Hermione-ish way, I have already contradicted one teacher (Mr. C the easy on the eyes history professor)  and had him concede that I was right, and generally had to bite my tongue in other classes in order to give someone else a chance. Whee!

Most importantly though, this year I am undertaking a huge.... undertaking. I am starting the Optifast program next month.  Optifast is a meal replacement program, where you drink five of these "shakes" a day, along with copious amounts of water, and you literally piss away your fat. HOW AWESOME IS THAT???? You flush your fat down the toilet! Now, lest you think that this is some sort of scary, dangerous plan, its something that has been used and improved on since the eighties, all done under the supervision of doctors and with weekly group meetings. The best friend, Orchid, has done it with fabulous results, and I can do anything she can do. Except play the flute. And make fantastic things in origami. If Orchid can stay on this plan and make it work then so can I and I will! I'm very excited about it, and a bit nervous. But its all designed around therapy and finding out WHY you are fat, so I think its a good program for me.

Even with all this going on, I still always feel like I'm not out there in the world enough. But I don't have the energy to be, either. But I wish I could work, or volunteer more, do something to meet more new people. Ah well. Anybody else feel isolated? It sucks.

But here is to a New Year, and new opportunities!!

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November 12th, 2008

elfearz @ 09:07 pm: Sorry I have been a ghost for so long... I injured my knee at it has been a long, slow recovery. I am still walking though (after I re-learned how to walk)

and here is my mileage update:
" You have walked 882 miles.
You have passed Cerin Amroth.
It is 30 miles to the next landmark.
You have 40 miles to reach Caras Galadon.

When his eyes were in turn uncovered, Frodo looked up and caught his breath. They were standing in an open space. To the left stood a great mound, covered with a sward of grass as green as Spring-time in the Elder Days. Upon it, as a double crown, grew two circles of trees: the outer had bark of snowy white, and were leafless but beautiful in their shapely nakedness; the inner were mallorn-trees of great height, still arrayed in pale gold. High amid the branches of a towering tree that stood in the centre of all there gleamed a white flet. At the feet of the trees, and all about the green hillsides the grass was studded with small golden flowers shaped like stars. Among them, nodding on slender stalks, were other flowers, white and palest green: they glimmered as a mist amid the rich hue of the grass. Over all the sky was blue, and the sun of afternoon glowed upon the hill and cast long green shadows beneath the trees.

'Behold! You are come to Cerin Amroth,' said Haldir. `For this is the heart of the ancient realm as it was long ago, and here is the mound of Amroth, where in happier days his high house was built. Here ever bloom the winter flowers in the unfading grass: the yellow elanor, and the pale niphredil. Here we will stay awhile, and come to the city of the Galadhrim at dusk.'"


September 28th, 2008

kalibex @ 03:46 pm: +10 mi.

September 2nd, 2008

commiserate_me @ 09:48 pm: Hi o(^-^)/
I decided I may as well do the Walk to Rivendell, as motivation to keep going, as I'm notorious for never sticking at things >>; It's especially hard as I'm not good at long-term goals, and this is definitely long-term. I figure I can use quotes from the book or something to try keep me interested. If anyone's interested in friending me/keeping eachother motivated, please feel free to add me :)

August 31st: 2.8 miles
September 1st: 2.8 miles
September 2nd: Not done yet, but 2.8 miles is planned :P

...You get the idea :) I've sort-of set distance where I walk to and back, and it takes me approximately an hour (it's not all flat >>), but unfortunately it's the annoying number of 2.8miles. I should maybe extend it to 3, but yeah. Makes it a little harder to calculate.

So currently, 5.6 - at 5 I crossed the Great Road from the Brandywine Bridge. Now I'm in Tookland. Yaaay! One of my favourite places!

I haven't actually found time to read all the book yet, so maybe I should try do that at the same time, but last year at uni...I'm running out of time for all the things I want to do :P

Anyway, after my walk tonight I should've been able to look back and see the lights of Hobbiton from the first slopes of the Green Hill Country. I'm looking forward to that! :)

Oh, by the way, I'm 20, currently studying Japanese, live in New Zealand, and trying to exercise more/eat healthily to lose weight :) Nice to meet you!

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August 13th, 2008

myw0rd @ 03:20 pm: Backsliding

How do you push aside your urge to eat fast food?? How do you motivate yourself get up, go out and actually buy healthy foods when all the not-so-good-for-you foods are staring you in the face, chanting your name??

While in school, I'm fine! Probably because the program I'm in in school requires that we stay in good shape or we can forget about our careers, LOL, but this past summer I've been slacking. I lost the motivation to run on the treadmill in my house (which I think is because of it's location in my dark, gloomy and cob-web filled basement), if I don't pack a healthy lunch and run out to get something I don't feel bad about it so much anymore, I find myself continually telling myself "Oh I'll just do it tomorrow" and when tomorrow comes...yeah you get my drift. 
I'm backsliding and I need help on stopping!
I'm getting tired of buying the same old salads. I don't eat red meat so unless it's seafood, chicken, turkey or no meat at all, I don't get it.

I need help convincing myself to get back on track! I'm back up to 140lb. and thank God my body doesn't seem to want to go past it, but I want to get back down to my 125-130lb. 
Advice and tips, PLEASE!!

May 21st, 2008

icanmakeuthin @ 09:28 am: Intro posty

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April 26th, 2008

kalibex @ 09:23 am: + 10 mi.

April 25th, 2008

blendered @ 06:11 pm: +3.5 =391.

April 22nd, 2008

blendered @ 09:58 pm: 387.5. 

" Slope beyond ridge is much easier. Bright, fair day. Strider briefly sees the Loudwater/Bruinen in the distance."

April 20th, 2008

blendered @ 09:03 pm: +4 = 384.5

April 19th, 2008

blendered @ 03:45 pm: + 4 = 380.5.

April 16th, 2008

blendered @ 02:54 pm: 376.5!

April 5th, 2008

blendered @ 08:27 am: +7=369.5!  YAY!

April 1st, 2008

aspenjules @ 09:28 pm: Ok... apparently I blasted right through Moria and Lorien, and am now 58 miles along the Anduin, drifting.

Not much to see but bare trees along the banks, but at least no enemies.

Current Location: Anduin River
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